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  • Vienna  (city=country=capital)
Austria is a federal republic consisting of 9 independent countries (provinces) (more ore less independent). You could spell it the United Countries of Austria. Each country has a parliament and a government and a constitution. The prime minister is named Landeshauptmann in german. The common concerns are delegated to the federal parliament and government of the "State Austria", which is represented in the capital in Vienna (this is somewhat similar to the the German and also to the USA constitution).

Austria is a small but proud country with a big history comparable with all other countries in the world.
Austria is military neutral, not member of the NATO. No foreign soldiers are on our territory - except for dancing Viennese waltz.
We Austrian citicen stand on our own feet.
Austria is regularly visited by poor and rich for vacations, by workers and oriental kings.
Austria is famous for its cultural and educational background in the population. We have industry with exceptionally high technology, based on inventory and science.

blue baret

Austrian soldiers are active worldwide as blue helmets for United Nations activities, eg. on Golan, in Cyprus, in Kuwait etc.
Typical Austrian silent peacekeeping without sabre-rattling.

We Austrian have kind neighbourhood with the Czech, the German (Bavarian), the Hungarian, the Italian, the Liechtensteins, the Slovakian, the Slovenian and the Swiss (alphabetical).

CZ: Euroregion Šumava (Böhmerwald, "der Rauschende", Bohamian Wood, "the rustling")
Slavnostní akt obcí Vorderweissenbach, Bad Leonfelden, Schenkenfelden a Vyšší Brod (Oslavy vstupu do EU v regionu Mühlviertel - Jižní Čechy)

Usually you do not hear and see news about Austria on your TV screen, because there are no battles with neigbours and there is no terror. Austrian diplomacy is peaceful and friendly, often too soft. The church and the military has no sway over the state and the politics.

Sometimes you hear about particular politicians, who say things which do not agree with the actual worldwide political correctness standards. This is a storm in a teacup for particular international journalistic use only. Ignore it.

Everybody is welcome in Austria as a guest except those who do not accept our neutral, friendly and self-confident behaviour. We, the natives, will not change our living and business principles to the guest rules. Austria is not Iraq, the guests must not behalve like occupants. Free speech is a usual right for the citicen and for the visitors, limited only by the world wide human right standards. In Austria the Austrian constitution and democratically generated laws are valid.
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We Austrian use the EURO, the reliable world currency. For a link to a currency converter / calculator click on the blue EURO sign on the top bar please.
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