OE5FGL ... Geographics about my home

My loc: JN78cn in the Mühlviertel, a quarter of Upper Austria.

The Bohemian wood (czech Sumava, the whispering) touches the Mühlviertel at its end.
In Bavaria it is named "Bayrischer Wald" Bavarian wood. Anyway it is the
watershed between the Danube and the Elbe/Labe, Black Sea and North Sea.
The Mühl-rivers flow into the danube. In Bavaria the Mühl-rivers are named
"Michel", the same as I am familiar with when I was a child in our dialect.
I am located 800m a.s.l. with 1000m hills to NE behind me.


Amateurfunk amateur radio info
licenced 1967, 44 years inactive

"confirmed" means confirmed by corresponding QRZ.com-logbook entry.
Most QSOs are confirmed by other QSLs like eQSL, paper, LoTW, ClubLog and HRDlog.


HamCall.net Callsign Lookup:

Optimized antenna cable length:
between Antenna/Balun and "tuner"
you must multiply by real velocity factor, eg. by 0,66 or 0,83
bandshint: data sheet value may be inaccurate +-10%
It shall be allowed to add cables with different factor but all 50 Ω.
10,12,15,17,20,30,40,80cw42,17 m (with one 0,83 cable: 35,00 m result)
10,12,15,17,20,40,80ssb42,08 m
6,10,12,15,17,20cw41,90 m
6,10,12,15,17,20ssb41,58 m
Cable must not be Lambda/4 and 3*Lambda/4 and 5*Lambda/4 etc.

Measure the cable ELECTRICALLY (TDR or with griddipmeter) before cutting.
If your antenna is always perfect SWR 1:1 (50 Ω load) at the plug, then you dont worry about the cable length.
But when you need a "tuner" and the tuner is not close to the antenna, then you shall take care about
reflections in the cable.
Optimizing program DG0KW 1.3.1 used. No liability and no warranty is given for the accuracy of the numbers by OE5FGL.

ADIF copied approximately weekly from qrz.com to hrdlog



Grosskreis für Amateurfunker, DXer
Für den Antennenrotor.

Grosskreis-Weltkarte, auf Vorderweissenbach :-) JN78cn zentriert.
Neuseeland (über 18.000km) ist zwar südöstlich von Australien
aber von mir aus gesehen dahinter und ein riesiger Winkel.

Die Antarktis ist zwar am Südpol aber von mir aus gesehen nicht gegenüber.

Nach meiner Äquatorlinie (10.000km) ist Kapstadt noch auf der "Nord"halbkugel,
Kalifornien aber am Äqator, wenn nicht gar knapp auf der "Südhalbkugel".

Für Österreich, (Süd)bayern und West-CZ sollte dieses Papier genau genug
zentriert sein.

...have a look at: NS6T GREAT CIRCLE MAKER

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