Patch for BPW for Flashing cursor trouble

Betreff:         Bpw.exe7.01 FIX for Flashing cursor trouble
  Datum:         Mon, 11 May 1998 12:10:28 +1200
    Von:         "Scott Woodgate" <s.woodgate@auckland.ac.nz>
  Firma:         University of Auckland
  Foren:         comp.lang.pascal.borland

Ok, this was driving me nuts!.

Running BPW.EXE for borland pascal 7.01 the SetCaretBlinkTime
is set to MAXIMUM so the cursor blinks at  about a trillion times per
second.  Whats worse is that this is a shared resource and so it
effects ALL windows apps.  Guess u guys have seen it alot.
Anyways, I spent an hour or two hacking bpw.exe to remove that
calls and was sucessful.  If this is useful to anyone else here it is.

I've included an extra-small patch .exe which works ONLY for the
bpw.exe 7.01 03-09-93.  DO NOT try it with the 1992 7.0 version,
the file sizes are the same but the code isn't.  For the 7.0 version
try search and replacing the 5 calls detailed below (thats what i did
in 7.01 and so it might work for 7.00 too).  For 7.01 just run the .exe included in your /bp/bin directory and problem solved.  I know I'm
posting a binary but its tiny so don't flame me.

Thanks to all for their help in the past.

The bytes to patch are those concerning

1. 75 2E 8B 46 06 3B 06 50 27 75 06 FF 36 4A 27 EB 18

change the EB 18 to EB 46

2. 83 3E 4C 27 FF 75 09

change the 75 09 to 90 90

3. A3 4C 27 FF 36 4C 27

change the A3 4C 27 to E9 09 00

4. 59 8B f8 83 FF 75 09 6A 00 9A      (* ? typo, see below *)

change the 75 09 to 90 90

5. 8B 46 06 3B 06 50 27 75 06 FF 36 4A 27

change 75 06 to 90 90

Download auto Patch program: (usage: see above)

    patBPW70.exe  as ! scottpatch.ZIP (5 kB)

(converted to .ZIP by Franz Glaser for GeoCities needs).

Added for reference only:
   Betreff: Re: Bpw.exe7.01 FIX for Flashing cursor trouble
     Datum: Mon, 11 May 1998 20:56:16 +0200
       Von: "Zweitze de Vries" <zweitze@iname.com>
     Foren: comp.lang.pascal.borland

Scott Woodgate wrote in message <6j5fh6$80v$1@scream.auckland.ac.nz>...
>Ok, this was driving me nuts!.  Running BPW.EXE for borland pascal 7.01 the
--- repeated text snipped, Franz Glaser

Alternatively, open WIN.INI, enter in the [desktop] section
Zweitze de Vries

 Subject: "Patch for BPW for Flashing cursor trouble" typo
    Date: Wed, 12 May 1999 10:40:49 -0700
    From: "Erik Anderson" <eanderso@MAIL1.CO.KITSAP.WA.US>
      To: office@meg-glaser.biz

I believe there's a typo on the page "Patch for BPW for Flashing cursor trouble".
In step #4, the instructions tell you to search for "59 8B f8 83 FF 75 09 6A 00
9A". That sequence does not exist but "59 8B F8 83 FF FF 75 09 6A 00 9A" does
(notice the double FF).

For the record, I have BP 7.01. As a test I patched BPW.EXE manually using Scott's
instructions with the corrected typo. The results were saved as file BPW.MAN.
Next, I
ran Scott's patch .exe against the original BPW.EXE.

A binary comparison between BPW.EXE (auto-patched) and BPW.MAN (manual patch)
showed no difference between the two.

Hope you find this useful. I'm just glad to be rid of the warp-speed cursor flash
Erik W. Anderson, GIS Analyst           WWW:    http://www.wa.gov/kitsap/
Kitsap County DCD/GIS                   E-mail: eanderson@co.kitsap.wa.us
614 Division St., MS-36                 Voice:  (360) 337-4443
Port Orchard, WA  98366-4682            FAX:    (360) 337-4925

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