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Betreff:What's new? 9,200+ links on Object-Orientation 
  Datum:Wed, 8 Jul 1998 19:30:59 +0200 
    Von:"Manfred Schneider" <<manfred.schneider@rhein-neckar.de>> 
  Firma:Private Site 
  Foren:comp.lang.ada, comp.lang.basic.visual.misc, 
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What's new? 9,200+ links on Object-Orientation 

From:           The Cetus Team 
Subject:        Cetus Links -- 9,200+ links on Object-Orientation 
Newsgroups:     Some comp.* newsgroups related to OO 
Summary:        News, editions, topics, URLs, team members 
Posting-Freq.:  Monthly 


are you interested in a collection of 

         9,200+ links / 59 pages  on 

     O b j e c t - O r i e n t a t i o n 

running on 17 servers in 15 countries ? 
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What´s new? 
   o   New page: 'ABAP Objects' 
   o   Update of the page: 'Most Wanted Pages' 
   o   Cetus at Arlington, Virginia, USA has gone offline 

Available editions: 
   o   English 
   o   French 

Main topics: 
   o   General Information and Links about Object-Orientation 

   o   Distributed Objects, ActiveX/COM+, CORBA, JavaBeans, 
       Business Objects, Mobile Agents, Internet 

   o   Methods, UML, Tools, Diagram Layout, Project Management 

   o   Languages, ABAP Objects, Ada, BETA, C++, CLOS, COBOL, 
       Delphi, Dylan, Eiffel, Java, JavaScript, Modula-3, Oberon, 
       Objective-C, Perl, Python, REXX, Sather, Self, Simula, 
       Smalltalk, Tcl/Tk, VBScript, Visual Basic, Visual C++, 
       Visual Foxpro 

   o   Databases, OO DBMS, OR DBMS, OR Mapping, Repositories 

   o   Patterns, Frameworks, Metrics, Reuse, Testing, Numerics 

   o   Services and Companies 

Web Sites: 
   o   The main site runs in the USA 
   o   The French edition runs in Canada 
   o   URLs of all sites: 

       Central      http://www.cetus-links.org/ 

       Canada       http://www.csioo.com/cetusen/software.html 
       USA/IL       http://www.objenv.com/cetus/software.html 
       USA/WA       http://mini.net/cetus/software.html 

       Australia    http://www.csse.swin.edu.au/manfred/software.html 
       Japan        http://aries.ise.eng.osaka-u.ac.jp/cetus/software.html 
       Korea        http://dbdoc.ajou.ac.kr/cetus/software.html 
       Philippines  http://research.iphil.net/cetus/software.html 
       Singapore    http://sunsite.nus.sg/pub/cetus/software.html 
       Taiwan       http://www.cyut.edu.tw/~jlu/cetus/software.html 

       Austria      http://www.infosys.tuwien.ac.at/cetus/software.html 
       Germany      http://www.rhein-neckar.de/~cetus/software.html 
       Netherlands  http://www.objecthouse.nl/cetus/software.html 
       Russia       http://oop.rosweb.ru/cetus/software.html 
       Spain        http://zeus.uax.es/uax/oop/software.html 
       Switzerland  http://www.sente.ch/cetus/software.html 
       UK           http://www.parallax.co.uk/cetus/software.html 

       French ed.   http://www.csioo.com/cetusfr/software.html 

Cetus Team Members: 
   o   Jeannot Chapdelaine - Project Management, Metrics, Reuse 
   o   Ralf Comtesse       - DB, OO DBMS, OR DBMS, OR Mapping, Java/DB 
   o   Bernard Côté        - Methods, UML, Tools 
   o   Richard Katz        - Visual Foxpro 
   o   Wolfgang Lugmayr    - Mobile Agents, Self 
   o   Georg Odenthal      - Patterns 
   o   Wolfram Puechert    - ABAP Objects 
   o   Elizabeth Veitch    - CORBA, CORBA ORBs, JavaBeans, Java RMI 
   o   Rich Wellner        - Python 
   o   Manfred Schneider   - all other pages 

We hope you will find the Cetus Links useful. 

Please feel free to send new or changed URLs, comments or suggestions.