TPP.TPL for BP 7 programs in protected mode. Solving the CRT >200 MHz error.

Subject:        BP 7, CRT.Delay problem ...
   Date:        Tue, 19 May 1998 17:07:19 +0200
  From:        "Jens Kristensen" <>
    To:        "Ing. Franz Glaser" <>

Hi There ...

I'm danish so please pardon my english ...

P-Pro 200 runtime 200 Error:

Here is my solution. It's a new TPP.TPL which is to be copied to the BP\BIN directory
substituting the old TPP.TPL. Then you just have to recompile and the problem is gone.
There is no patch to run or anything. This only works for Protected Mode applications in
BP7. Correcting the error for real mode is trivial, but since there's allready lot's of
patches for that I didn't bother. You are very welcome to use this on your site...

Jens Kristensen, Denmark


Using the TPP.TPL unit is solely up to your personal responsibility.
Especially you shall first save your original file for security. It
is not guaranteed that this version of TPP.TPL will fit to your version
of Borland Pascal 7.

Explanation about this solution:

Jens Kristensen wrote in a newsgroup that he was searching for a solution of the famous BP 7 CRT bug with protected mode.
I (Franz Glaser) directed him to the various solutions in the TP-links page. He answered that he already solved his problem
I begged him to send me his solution, and now here it is for the community.

I am not sure whether this is another kind of already existing solutions of the many in the TP-links page.

I (Franz Glaser) did NOT test his TPP.TPL, I simply .ZIPped it, because GeoCities does not allow .TPL files to up- and download.

! JKTPPTPL.ZIP download (34kB)
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