TP7/P5+ fix, v1.0 freeware

written by Marek Futrega / MAF      POLAND

This is a fix for programs compiled with Turbo/Borland Pascal 7.0
which give a 'run time error 200 at xxxx:xxxx' message on faster
pentium and all pentium 2 processors.

It's a TSR - it doesn't make any changes in your .EXE files!
Instead, you have to start it every time you start your computer.
This gives you a chance to run old good Pascal programs without
recompiling! (for an example of old good Pascal programs go to:  - my demos/intros :)

This program may be freely distributed without prior permission.
I do not take any responsibilities for damages caused by it.

If you have any comments or questions feel free to e-mail me.

TP7/P5+ fix history.

version   what's new

1.01      new way of tracing start of TP7-compiled program using int 21h
          works fine inside TP7 IDE

1.00      first experimental version.
          uses int 10h to trace start of TP7-compiled program
          doesn't work inside TP7 IDE

Download ! (1kB)

Link on Mareks URL:  (possibly new version?)
Marek's homepage

Note: above is the README.TXT file as included in the .ZIP.

Received from Marek via mail - attachment: Jul 10 - 1998

This is a very sophisticated patch over an existing problem, but NOT a solution! It shall not be used if you can do it correctly - with recompile. 

In the various CRT-patch solutions there is another way to solve the problem, patching the .EXE with an automated program. This is a way between the recompile method and this "least chance" method on the other hand. 

It is not a good solution to fill up the CONFIG.SYS or AUTOEXEC.BAT with "patches", because in case of porting the system to another computer nobody knows the interdependencies. 

This is not a critic against Marek's solution, but an important note! 

I (Franz Glaser) am not able to test the function of Marek's patch TSR, as I cannot test all the other patches, because I do not have a Pentium >=200MHz.

Hint by Franz Glaser  (not tested):
Suggestion: install it before you make any PATH / PROMPT and other SET to the environment. This can reduce
the amount of wasted resident memory space.

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