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 WWW sites, misc 
disclaimer: reduced font size does not imply less importance of the info or site. It is for line length only!
In the WWW subchapter are miscellaneous sites with information AND components etc.
Explain That NEW
Delphi Tip of the Day chiami.com

Delphi Information Connection delphi32.com, components for download
Super Delphi Page (from Poland, english spoken)
Delphi Exchange
The Delphi DeliURL2  [mirror Lehner.at]
The Delphi Connection reflect.net
? The Delphi Station
? Delphi World
SynchroniciTech: Delphi-related services 
Delphi Hackers Corner
? A great Delphi Home page Holthoefer

JG's homepage VCL, EditPad, HelpScribble
encryption TSM.INC
TOPAZ various patches, Database
Yorai Aminov's Page  (WinNT, Internet, TCaptionControl, MDIflat...) TeamB
EOI(type-save-list-generator, Class-builder, math, Textfile scan ...) Technical Solutions & Tools
EFG's Computer Lab Earl.F.Glynn (Delphi, Graph, Printing, Math)  new URL
Dave Parsons code samples, TDigClock, TScreenGrab
Novell Delphi developer support
Clipper Functions for Delphi components CFD 4  POPcalc etc. comp's,  Ken White
Demian's Home Page br (plenty downloads, components)
Torry's Delphi Pages (Components, Tools, Samples...)
ArGo Software Design (Internet components)
CapturePRO (ActiveX: Video, Twain, Graph-printing...)
The comp.lang.pascal.delphi.announce Archive
Marko's Delphi Page (components, tips&tricks, massive bug in D3 ;--)  JPEG in resource...)
ISDN (CAPI)  Stefan Graf
Tempest Software Inc. 
Harvey's Raytracing homepage
Andreas Hörstemeier's Homepage & Delphi Page URL URL(JPEG, TCP/IP, ICMP) 
Francois Piette (BE) Overbyte. FTP, HTTP...Internet etc., TCP/UDP primer
Dave Baldwin's Programmer's Utilities, THTML and more. [mirror]
Ask the Delphi Pro!
GExperts Programming Power for Delphi 2+3   new URL|URL
Dr. Bob's Delphi Clinic Bob Swart, debugger, FAQ, tools...
DinoByte (help, 3D-ruler)
www.delphi.com  forums
Ben Ziegler's Delphi Page (WebApp builder, print preview...)
Delphi Companion many links, fairly structured
Delphi Free Stuff, Brad Stower, Hints & Tips ... URL
Shrinker to reduce .EXE size  BlinkInc
Multilizer multi language tool 
Toolsfactory, ClassExplorer, EII editor integration
Dr.Dobb's Website, subject Index
MicroGOLD Software, UML modelling tool with VBA WithClass98 
Adirondack Pixel Graphics Library, Apprehend98 screen-capture, Twain... 
TDAG Delphi Advocacy Group, ...downloads 
Delphi Programmers.org the "official" J.Prins successor (still under construction) 
Russian CD sources 
IHSoftware, Quick DataBase 
Delphi Games Creator   another URL DirectDraw, -Sound, -Play, Joystick
Daniel Salasca francais
Maverik's Delphi Page
Hossam Rady (Egypt) Delphi+Pascal
AHM Delphi pages english | german Alexander Melhorn  new URL
Delphi Components and Tools Developer Group
Radek Delphi Page (PL)  also components,. RX .. 
Softseek, ActiveX, eg. Olympus (cameras?) Software TWAINWizard
Silicon Commander Games Delphi Resource Page TurboSprite, TurboSound 
Arcadia TISAPI
SaxSoft Install wizard
Helpmakers  The Delphi Freeware Temple 
K.Nishita's homepage, URL Jpeg, GIF, BMP, RLE, DIB, PCX, TGA viewer DLL, download ! nviewlib.zip (325kB)
Jay Love, GFLib, DLL handles JPEG, GIF, PNG and BMP
EFD systems Development Tools, HyperString, CRT unit, Ymodem
Sharelock by Nesbitt, piracy protection
Eric Engler's Delphi Mini Page, Delphi-.ZIP
InnerMedia DynaZIP (r) Zip and Unzip OCX/VBX/VCL/DLL/ActiveX 
Baltic Solutions Forum Delphi Pages comps, downloads...
WDK plugins
Christian Kästner's Homepage (DE)
Andre v.d. Merwe DaRT TTreeView, OLE struct. Tutorials
Cyrille de Brebisson's 3D modeller (incl source)
Delphi Jobs
Delphi Library (DE)
Coder's Knowledge Base CKB, Delphi category
Richey's Delphi Box and download page | new URL | URL
Marian Maier (Gammasoft)
EasyCash (at) Alexander Halser (TBackupfile, TDBEuroEdit...)

LUXENT 3D graph + Database Productivity tools
RAD game tools (Smacker-video, Miles-sound) 
Nomssi's pages (Chemnitz) The Nomssi Viewer | PasJPEG | Paszlib | a progressive PNG image 
The Delphi Cryptography Page
Rudolf Software (de) Delphi Tips (German)
Reinier's Home Page (NL) Delphi Buglist, TGIFimage (D1..D4)
The Keyhook Contest
Gp's Free Software TGpHugeFile, GpSaveWS (winsock), SaveMem, TP lexx yacc for Delphi
Eldermage Entertainment  3D components, music...
Peter Haas (de) Delphi page FAQ, AVI capture (Video), TBitmap, Dynamic arrays
Martin Waldenburg's Delphi page. mwEdit
Delphi Online  Fei Hongbin  CAD (demo), comps_ TMagnifyImage, TSslider, Click+Move comp. at runtime
WWPack32 .EXE and .DLL zipper
DreamCompany  DreamTree, DreamMemo, DreamScripter...
MPEG audio tools
DocDelphi freeware comp's, knowledge base (de) 
STG (br) MultiText how to use RCDATA resources for texts and WAVs (Zip, 120k)+DLL
Soletta DelphiDoc, SDL Standard Delphi Library
Griffin Solutions, Halcyon DataBase Engine
Cleon T. Baileys homepage D1,2,3 stuff
Página Personal de Paco García
Cogencee, compiler generator for Delphi!
DBISAM Database System for Delphi, Elevate Software
ProDelphi Profiler, source code optimizer and post mortem review for Delphi 2/3/4
Kobira (jpn) serial port related downloads
Nelson's Delphi Fun Programming (hk)
Magenta Systems, RAS, Registry-DelphVar
Hand Pages, PNGlib for Delphi => Programs
LeadTools Imaging Toolkits
Joe C. Oliphant Consulting  32 bit OCX for viewing ART, BMP, CUR, CUT, DIB, EMF, GEM, GIF
Lambson & Lambson, Delphi as Multimedia Author
SK computer solutions, Robert Jones, comps...
Waynes homepage, D4, graph related
Beat Schwarzentrub ch, components, programs, tips
Lou's Delphi Tip of the Day
Remote Delphi Programming, tools etc.
Techweb FileMine, search for Delphi and Pascal
ProDelphi source code profiler
Delphi pages at About.COM
Triton tools AHM
The Delphi Link Page de

  (there are also Delphi bugfixes in the patches page and infos in FAQ.  Look in .HLP-chapter too)
see also at BOOKS
How to compile to DOS exes with DCC Kevin Smith   (see also: PasW32 library) 
? A Delphi review on the CommerceNet software forum
Delphi tips and tricks  ? MindSpring
Delphi Object Reference Manual ?   (try: Inprise ftp)

Cetus Object links Delphi    List of mirrors
Unofficial Delphi UDDF NL FAQ... frameless
Delphi Programmers Ring Webring 
African Chief
Richey's Delphi Box and download page | new URL | URL
Dolphin for Delphi (tutorial...) 
TWAIN.ORG for graph scanners...
Signsoft VisIt openGL components
Delphi Informant (articles for download)
Beyersdorf's PixelGraphicLibrary
Delphi Telecommuters Group (developers)
The Delphi FAQ (SF) 
Screen Saver Gallery, how to..
Delphi Know-How(English, German, Spanish) 
Delphi Help Page Sten Karsten Vartdal
In The Middle, ISAPI etc. WWW Delphi search engine
helicon Translator 3.10  foreign lang's
Unofficial Newsletter of Delphi Users
Calling 16-bit DLL from 32-bit in Win95, The Delphi MagazineUK
    and:   Thunking (32/16-bit DLL considerations) some mails collected by Franz Glaser   (book: Using Delphi 3)
Developers.href.com search engine
Delphi Corner various, forum  Brendan Delumpa
Stefan Hoffmeister (Uni Passau)DIR - Delphi Information Resources, Parser   URL:Econos
Delphi NewsGroups list maintained by DIR, Stefan Hoffmeister, Passau 
Borland Inprise Support TechDoc
Project JEDI  API library
Johan Van de Wauw  Tutors, comp's ...
Serial Port - COMM look also at the serial chapter and source
Kyle Kordes Borland Database Engine's BDE Alternatives Guide
Randall Hyde, Delphi Programming "coming soon?"
QuSoft AS Home of QuickReport
thecave.com tips and tricks for the Windows developer, alsodownloads (VB interface...)
Lazikas' (GR) 3x3 convolution solution, source
Bryan Valencia, Pascal for Delphi Programmers, Online Book  ? URL
Serial port OOP.COM white papers
VB2D Basic to Delphi translator 
VB2D another URL
Steven Dente, StretchDIBitmap (256 colours), printing the canvas
DelphiX Hori DirectX info, components collection and FAQ
    DirectDraw, Direct3D, DirectSound, DirectInput (force feedback support), and DirectPlay
Moving from Fortran to Object Pascal (article ZIP for download from  EOI)
Mollyware's Homepage. OpenGL Tutorial
Spider Object Oriented  Development tools, Michel Brazeau
MCM TWAIN picture scanner, also BP7
CityZoo Articles
Delphi and Microsoft Office: Automating Excel and Word (OLE)
Pinnacle Publishing's Delphi Developer (Journal)
Andre v.d. Merwe DaRT | The Zen Source Library, articles+turtorials (TTreeView!, OLE, COM), sources... 
Hardware I/O Port Programming with Delphi and NT (wideman-one)
Delphi Developers of Dallas (3D) articles
Bernd Rücker ISDN CAPI
Vergleich von Delphi und Visual C++ unter den Aspekten der
  objektorientierten Spracheigenschaften und der Klassenbibliotheken
Delphi World Tour October 1998 - April 1999 Six days of intensive seminars
VCL "internationalize languages"  ! Translating Delphi 3.0 VCL messages (7kB) from the Inprise download site
FH Flensburg, Delphi links
Ralf Herlitze (de) DelphiTips (from de.comp--- NG)
Delphi  Eine Einführung in die Programmierung von Christian Klukas (de)

visit the arts pages please
see also at  BOOKS and   INFORMATION  |  the treasure page
comp.lang.pascal.delphi.announce Archive
Article: Dynamic Arrays in Pascal and Delphi (Pointers etc. For beginners only!)
         Memory Considerations, Pointer primer (basics-article)
Inprise Delphi FAQ
Simon Reinhardt Delphi FAQ (German)
Delphi FAQ [? mirror
? AllFAQ and Buglist in one Windows help file 
A listing of Delphi BUGS
A listing of ? Delphi 2.0 BUGS
Deutsche Delphi FAQ (German) Sven Künzler
http://www.diamond-pro.com/delphi/faq.txt (de)
Objectoriented Skilltraining Delphi FAQ on Martins sida
Project 1 FAQ (German)
Christian Kästner's Delphi FAQ (German)
WinFAQ ! Winhlp26.zip (501kB) by Frank Ullrich (German)
Peter Elzner (de) Delphi FAQ
where to buy Delphi or other software:
Soft4U, search for Delphi or whatever. Academic discounts.
D4 "official" buglist
FTP and download
Turbo Pascal Links FTP-page
Ice-floe FTP site
Salt Lake City Delphi FTP site
Borland Inprise FTPdownloads http
Inprise Tools and Components
Uwo, Canada
Hannover, Germany
FH-Niederrhein (D) ! xset10.zip
JPEG downloads Chemnitz   FTP
The Tomes of Delphi downloads
Delphi 4 update #2 pack for download
3iSoft Multimedia Developer Suite for Delphi
PushKeys for Delphi 1.0
! ftp://ftp.microsoft.com/softlib/MSLFILES/hcwsetup.exe  helpfile creation with W7 .RTF
! http://home.att.net./~edhand/PngLib/PngLib.Zip  PNG graph file handling
�sterreichische / Internationale Elektronik - Firmen und Informationen
Informationen, FAQ, Firmen, Händler
Information, FAQ, companies, dealers
electronics books hardware (Geman + English)
PowerTCP Toolkit demo & sources 
TAutoButton component
TSmiley component
Delphi Utility Library
Resources of the Delphi Connection
! A clock component  (10kB)
! Serial I/O for 16-bit  (21kB)
! Serial I/O for 32-bit  (18kB)
! A unit to get DOS environment variables (10kB)
Drawing metaforms using Thandle
! Converting TTF to vector format  (45kB)
Wrapping text in TStringGrid
There are several Winsock packages for Delphi 

Giuseppe's  Components
Herman's Home Page  TScaler, Printer sel. comp., graphic toolbox
Lankford various comp.
Delphi @ pt  new URL Karlos Pinto [mirror1mirror2mirror3] MPEG...
Component Writers' FAQ Colosseum Builders ImageLib (BMP JPG PNG GIF)
Fenestra free components (Rick Rogers et. al.) 
Anders Melander, DK, tGIFimage (anim. GIF) etc. 
TurboPower's Async Professional for Delphi ($ 279) T(S)API 
Marko's Components (freeware, incl. source & help)
Colin Wilson NT and multimedia components
Martijn Tonies Seal97 calendar, graphics
Mehdi Bourmad components
AX Systems tPack VCL components
Björn Ischo's Components, pretty buttons ++ 
Timur Diamond Access (for Access DB)
! TWAIN unit (85kB) (graph pic scanner DLL) by Matthias Weingart (more: Delphi Super Page, search "TWAIN") 
ZieglerSoft DK free+sold (instrumentation, math, CRT32...) URL2
Allan Th. Poulsen DK   EAN barcode 
RivetText text+images display, PegasusTools   (ActiveX), Imaging
Rick's Planet  TWAINtoolz
RXlib ru  Delphi VCL extensions, ..GIF
ImageLib.COM SkyLineTools various Graphics features 
MWA soft JPEG/GIF image Software and J-write Texteditor McCallum Whyman Associates Ltd
HASP hardware key against software piracy
Paul Toth, AS400,FLI/GIF, WordCMD,HTmlmemo,TCP/IP,TGridList
Arsène von Wyss CH, Math(Parser), HTML,CGI
EuroSoft Design Lib components VCL 16+32 HintDesign, TabsDesign, plenty free stuff
Rx Library Help and Manual
Eric Pedrazzi VCL ...
Parrots Products  Alt! (handling Alt-key)
Francois Piette Overbyte. Internet etc. free components
Don Johnson's components
Denis Peyras (F) convert ### to literal text (french), TabSet
VacNat ZIP toolkit component
Xceed Zip compression library
ConnectTel's NetBIOS Package
Windows3.1/95/NT(Delphi) Communication, RAS, TAPI.
Large comp. collection. AHM Delphi pages englishgerman Alexander Melhorn
TeleTools Delphi Telephone API
BetaSoft (de) FTP, RTF-utils
PrintDBGrid component. (caution, dirty root html!)
Scientific Graph Component for Delphi
Dave Nieve's MultiTWAIN
RSD database components
Droid Informatica Brasil (calendar, clock, gauge...)
Clipper Functions for Delphi components CFD 4  download POPcalc etc. comp's, Ken White
Theodor Kleynhans TGIFimage
UCalc Fast Math Parser
ProShare Components Simon Reinhardt (D) plenty barcode, TAPI, RAS, calendar etc! 
Diagram Components by Michael Urban
TEC-it ActiveX barcode 
Clavis Adress database component 
Carl Smotricz's Delphi 3 serial port unit
Dimak & Vlad's (ru) Delphi Page (Math, Spreadsheet, TMathGrid, TMathCurve, Formula compiler...)
Frédéric Guillien ExecSQL TDatabaseNameDialog Glyph editor 
d3k Marco Cocco (IT) comm ++
Dave Derrick, milagroDelphi page joystick, slider, buttons, WAV. 
Serge Sushco, TLanguage URL URLURL
Excel component: Econos (Stefan Hoffmeister)
ANT Systems, TDirectDisk, low level disk I/O
Razor's Edge, SmoothLn anti-aliasing,  MathX math extension
Teemach FormContainer & Transition Effects
Abakus VCL for instruments, bars ... (de)
NBLib32 - NetBios Library for Win32, Delphi
Rudy's Delphi corner Rudy Velthuis (de/nl, lang=engl) components for download
Software Development Lohninger math comps, instrumentation, (Vienna at)
DelphiX Hori DirectX components collection and FAQ
    DirectDraw, Direct3D, DirectSound, DirectInput (force feedback support), and DirectPlay
Chirag's Delphi Pages Freeware+Shareware comps
BeachDog Software TSock (esp. for server apps)
DBScroll from PraxisService
DreamCompany(Ukraine) DreamTree, DreamMemo, DreamScripter... 
PasPDF Native PDF Creation for Delphi, downloads
ImageEn  component suite for image processing Fabrizio Di Vittorio (it) URL2
3iSoft Multimedia Developer Suite for Delphi (de+uk)
David Rifkind, DateTime Edit with Intl. formatting
HighLogic UndoRedoRepeat, Executor, RegionInline, ResourceInline, Capture, RegionMaker
Bliss: The Brown Lab Interactive Speech system, TAudioIO John Mertus
Mind Blast Software  3D, Transp.Form, MP3Remote, TEditBtn, TEZLabel...
Pilif's Freeware, (ch) RasInTask, CGI etc.
KpGb Software, VCLZip Native Delphi Zip/UnZip
Andy Gibson, RenderLight
Francois Guerin, fr  freeware components library
The Net Services Delphi Component Library, TInstallationChecker TFileDialog TPriority TFileFinder
SlickTools Design-time Delphi Components  Button,bar,non-visual,panel and toolbar components
Internet Door Programmers Tool Kit
Abakus Components

Dierk's List of Animated Cursors


Pascal chapters. More Delphi related issues: in .hlp and windows. 
 | Index | patches | FAQ | FTP
 | ASM | compilers | .hlp | information
 | games | graphics
 | network | numeric | serial | source | sound
 | windows | winsock | www |

Good programmers use the best literature available!

Mastering Delphi 3  Marco Cantu (Price: $40)
Delphi Nuts & Bolts : For experienced progr., Cornell, Strain,Horstmann (Price: $20)
Delphi Developer's Handbook Marco Cantu (Price: $40)
The Official Guide to Learning OpenGLNeider,Davis,Woo(Price: $28)
Developing Custom Delphi 3 Components (VDM)  Konopka,Duntemann (Price:$40)
Secrets of Delphi 2 : Exposing Undocumented Features of Delphi Ray Lischner out of stock
Hidden Paths of Delphi 3  Experts, Wizards, Open Tools Api Lischner (Price: $32)
Using Delphi 3 Miller,Powell,Bouchereau,Bucknall (Price: $40)
The Tomes of Delphi 3 : Win32 Core Api (Price: $44)  support site
The Tomes of Delphi 3 : Win32 Graphical Api (Price: $44)
Database Developer's Guide D2 (Sams D's Guide) Ken Henderson (Price: $44)

Delphi 4 Developer's Guide Pacheco,Teixeira (Price:$48)
Charlie Calvert's Delphi 4 Unleashed (Price: $40)
Delphi 4 Bible by Tom Swan (Price: $40)
Sams Teach Yourself  Delphi 4 in 21 Days, Kent Reisdorph (Price: $32)
Mastering Delphi 4 by Marco Cantu (Price: $40)

Borland Delphi 3 für Profis, (German) Doberenz/Kowalski (Preis: DM 98 / e 49)
Borland Delphi 3 für Einsteiger + Fortgeschr., (German)(Preis: DM 79 / e 40)



click on the book titles for more information Pascal books
.. other Delphi books  |  de.buchversand ..
this are rather old book suggestions. Please go to the FRAMED books page.
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