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see also at WINSOCK and in the DELPHI page
Netware Support  !  (503kB)  [! mirror 503kB]
TCP/IP support  (Klaus Hartnegg)
? Jonathan Ramsey's  Pascal TCP/IP for DOS   [look at the local mirror please]  networking   FTP Novell mirror Groningen 
Net DDE server & client program, for 16-bit Win. (follow download link) Paul J. Pourier 
NetMaze game on Zax's homepage, including source for net+graph13+sound
Andreas Hörstemeier's TCP/IP for Delphi new URL
Tytarg's homepage TCP/IP URL TCP/IP    FTP      Sockets 
NOVLIB 3.2  for Delphi and +  BlinkInc
Transferring data using  IPX Protocol
Rob Morewood's TCP unit
Getting TCP/IP stats article, Coding for Win95 ("C")
NBLib32 - NetBios Library for Win32, Delphi
LibSocket FAQ
Mojmir Nebel's DOS-chat source   NEW 1.21 (Oct.1999)
FAQsys (IPX, not Pascal, but interesting)
Das TCP/IP-Schichten-Modell (German explanations)
REAL / 32   DOS compatible multitasking / multiuser operating system
Why REAL/32
there are math related sources in the source chapter too
Johann Wolfgang v. Goethe
Dr.John Stockton's Pascal MATH page, (e.g. inverse cos/sin   random)  USEFUL!
Fast Fourier transforms
! Large number calculator
Mathematical unit
Converting between hex, dec etc. 
Solving via Simplex method
Another Simplex algorithm
? Mathematical parser by Prof. Dr. J. Danker 
Type inference (functional programming) extension to Turbo Pascal 
Complex numbers source 
Another complex number source 
Function evaluator source (microcalc TP3, very small spreadsheet)
Ubasic routines
? Micros
? A theorem prover for predicate calculus new URLURLURL
Virtual Creation, physics related 
The Number Crunching Page 
Calculator Unit given a string as Input. Pedt Scragg
! (296kb) Numerical Recipes Pascal 
GMP 2.0.2 Pascal header for the GNU Multi-Precision library, Frank Heckenbach 
EFG's Computer Lab Delphi Math FAQ
Delphi Parser by Stefan Hoffmeister on the Delphi Super Page (use Search: TParser) 
                               [! mirror 22kB no maint] 
Math Forum Internet Collection
Sources of  Numerical Analysis Code in Pascal
      NEW: Numerical methods in Pascal (NMP) new URL
Numerical Recipes Harvard
Optimisation Software (non Pascal)
Dmitriy AnisimkovLinear & Integer Programming, Fast Fourier Transform, Big Array and pseudo-exceptions
NASA Langley Research Center 
POPcalc component for Delphi, online func. eval. Ken White's ClipperFunc
ValRadix VAL(S,R,I) procedure for bin, oct, dec, hex etc. 
Timo's FAQ 27) How to evaluate a function given as a string to the program? 
UCalc Fast Math Parser (ActiveX)
Math expression parser by Antivivisection [mirror no maint]
Mario Thies FCompile RPN / Adam-Riese functions
Dimak & Vlad's (ru) Delphi Page (Math, Spreadsheet)
Yuri Pilipishin's Parser
Coder's knowledge Base  CKB math sources 
From a mail by EFG: 
  Another calculating Pi to nnnn digits   Pi through the ages
Software Development Lohninger Vienna at, Delphi math,
Athanor  TP math
FGint Delphi Giant Integers, Triade Systems (be)
IEEE-754 Floating-point Representation
Idan's Home Page URLfunction analyzer & more, partly hebrew
Paco Garcia (es/mx) Matemáticas (and more Pacal issues)
free download, Windows calculator
Reverse Polish Notation
usage and install instructions
the smallest of the 5 calculators, but very useful
including PicoCalc spreadsheet for Win3.1x
With F1-help
Moved from SOURCE chapter:
! Asynchronous serial communications package (39kB) 
Modem controlling unit
! Source for BBS programming
? ? Serial port unit (slow loading) Luis A. Lastras [! mirror   6kB]
! A BBS door unit for Virtual Pascal  (119kB)
Terminal routines
Unit to control your UART 
A unit to control your modem in TPW 
BBS Source Site (danbbs alexie)

Also look in the SWAG archives and in the Delphi page
CKB Coders's Knowledge Base, SEARCH for "serial"

Serial communications libraries for DOS and Windows. 
AuxUnit Windows serial port routines 
Frye (1300kB RS232 support software) 
TurboPower's Async Professional for Pascal ($229) and Delphi ($ 279)    readthis
XYZmodem   !  (85kB)  also: Fax etc.  c´t Heise (Germany)
! Andreas Ascheneller's  (4kB) 
SendFax Demo, by Ranko Bojanic  at Pascal Central . STF Technologies
! RS232 unit (38kB), beigesteuert von / contributed by  Arno Fleck!FILES download site
Russell Schulz ! fossil driver (6kB)
Delphi serial OOP.COM(slow site!)
SpeedSoft (OS/2 compiler) Serial IO reference book for download at sunsite FTP component for reading and writing to I/O Ports Delphi 1   ! D2 (144kb)   D3 (190kB)  Delphi FTP
Carl Smotricz's Delphi 3 serial unit 
Hardware I/O Port Programming with Delphi and NT (wideman-one)
! Serial I/O for 16-bit  (21kB) Delphi ! Serial I/O for 32-bit  (18kB)
    serial communications ! library (96kB) pascal, MarshallSoft
    Xmodem, Ymodem, Zmodem ! library (78kB)
Austrian and International
Information and Basics.
electronic companies, lots of hardware information.
Another Link Collection by Franz Glaser:

d3k Marco Cocco (IT) Delphi comm ++
  Marco Cocco's components, COMMDRV32 for D4  [! mirror no maint 128kB]
Cyrille de Brebisson
Kobira (jpn) serial port related downloads (Delphi)
Pascal Source Page, lots of sources, (COM, game, graphics) Björn Hallström
Steve Schaefer's TC_comm and Terminal emulator
EFD systems Development Tools, HyperString, CRT unit, Ymodem
KTIL (dk) COM2test
K7103 Osci Frontend, Frontend for the Velleman build-yourself PC digital
   .storage oscilloscope K7103.

basic info, not Pascal 
Serial Port Central by Jan Axelson
Articlein The Computer Journal 
From John's links: serial port Hardware info 
LakeView Research, books and links (also for parallel port) 
Interrupt driven serial communications, Borland, "C"
OpenComm() obsolete under Win32 (MSDN)
serial port analyzerdebug tool (commercial product) 
a glossary about modem terms 
ISDN (CAPI) Stefan Graf (Delphi)
Craig Peacock's Interfacing the Serial / RS-232 Port
Serial Communications from The Computer Journal, 8/9/1998
Christian Blum's Serial Port FAQ, more: A | B | C | D | E
Modem Protocols Explained
ITU Geneva, standards
The Serial Port INDEX
What You Need to Know about Modems
Parallel Port   (Hardware only, not Pascal related) 
Use of a PC Printer Port for Control and Data Acquisition
General Purpose PC Interface Using Printer Port
Windows95 - Printer Port Properties
From John's links: Parallel Port Mini FAQ
Jan Axelson's Parallel Port FAQ
LPT 2   printing with TP, DOS
IBM PC Parallel Port FAQ/Tutorial by Zhahai Stewart
Kris Heidenstrom parallel port mini FAQ
Parallel Port Interfacing  Craig Peacock
Eckart Märkel WSHOWPR 
Bits & Bytes PARPORT PC Parallel Port Software Info 
Warp Nine, Centronics 
Joe Jared Runtime error 5 fix for HP 820CSE and Windows 95/98 
EPPEnhanced Parallel Port
Ian Harries Interfacing to the IBM-PC Parallel Printer Port 
boondog hardware tutorials.
Tomi Engdahl's hardware pages (giant)
for complete
Axelson, Parallel Port Bergsman Controlling the World with your PC Jonathan Livingston Seagull and more VHS
 for PROTECTED MODE I/O considerations look in the Windows chapter for drivers...
Index  under continous construction
(the 2'nd important chapter for beginners, the first is FAQ)  see also: serial, network, graph ...
Pascal Source Page, lots of sources, (COM, game, graphics) Björn Hallström 
? Sources for sprites, animation etc. 
Sources for educational (?) use (Shobek)
Some small ? sources (Babosi György's Programming Page) new URL
Several units, a.o. graphics  (Stefan Goehler)
Various Utilities (AAIC, accurate timer...)
Free, to show free space on drives Eric Benoit
Some small programs
Huffman compression and protected mode programming and DLL stuff  (Joe Jared)
? Demo Coding Page
Pascal programming tools Bob Ferguson
? Lots of sources (currently server not reachable) 
? Some nice sources by Tycho
Freeware for DOS & Windows Bob Ferguson
? Lots of miscellaneous sources
? Huge list of sources
Various interesting sources Klaus Hartnegg, Freiburg
Even more sources
EFLIB: OOP library with lots of features [FTP
Parallel programming in Pascal
Handling BMP format
? SWAG Archive: lots of source code and information 
SWAG | SWAG files. Timo's mirror
ASCII lister
Directly read/write sectors on disk 
! Mouse unit (5kB)
Dictionary using B-tree
A unit to play audio cd's 
Another CDROM unit
A small mouse unit
! Change name of program in memory (7kB)
! CRC Checksum source (5 kB)
CRC-32 Checksum source 
Change the cursorsize
! Source to access DbaseIII files (5 kB)
DES encryption algorithm
How to detect your drives.. 
! Detect drivetypes (better, 14kB) 
! Disk usage program, windowed (12kB)
An encryption program 
Modifying exe files runtime 
Fade text on your screen
Another text fader
A nice keybuffering unit 
Fast writing routines
! Source to display graphics in textmode (3kB)
ANSI unit 
! An extension language interpreter (45kB)
Get info about IDE drives
Process Windows INI files
An Inkey procedure 
Infrared LED control unit 
Keyboard control 
! Make directory (3kB)
A 512 character font
A mouse unit
! Reading/writing DBF tables (7kB)
! Reading/writing DBF tables (Windows) (18kB)
CD-Player control 
A simple script interpreter
Push keys into the keyboard buffer
Convert RAW to HM3 format
A unit to parse rich text format
! Some source to manipulate screen and cursor (2kB)
! Share your command shell over serial lines (15kB)
! Map your system (disk, memory etc., 45kB) 
! Routines to fade the current text palette (12kB)
Unit to control cursor appearance 
! Various handy units (keyboard, screen, 57kB) 
! Source to allocate extended memory (7kB)
! Win95 system routines (133kB)
Even more source to allocate extended memory 
Yet another XMS unit.. 
? More...: Listing of all sources on FTP site 
? Source Browser, search/view all sources 
Tytarg's homepage 
! Long Filenames unit for TP 6+ running on Win95 (12kB)
Knight Software, various!
Calendar, date -> dayofweek
R.E.Donais, Units (sorting and +)
Mingo (Manaus-Brasil "coding") various downloads 
Mr. Pibbs ! ZIPhack (45kB)
Tom Wellige plenty sources, Turbo Vision++
ProShare Simon Reinhardt Units TP 6 + BP 7 (also Delphi Comps)
MSS Turbo3 Port  unit to compile TP 3 programs with TP 7 (incl. src) 
Andre Müller, Berlin, Timer Unit mit Beispiel example
TPW ! printer  (23kB) unit (from SimTel)
Bean's HP deskjet colour printing and showbmp256 source
TP Learning Club downloadPRINTIT4.PAS  [mirror no maint
Michael Knapp: get the system standard colour palette (ASM, 16+256)
Jaques Nomssi Nzali, Chemnitz, PasZLIB compression 
Patrick's GUI (buttons, mouse handling...)
dBase Files with Pascal (Unit DBFSERV) Antivivisection e.V.
Pingo's TP sources
Daniel Planchon  TPW 1.5
Parallel Processing with TP, Dieter's Home, also Pass32 Assembler
Alexander Grau, TV, "WinMenu" (TP 6, not MS-Win, windows, buttons on graph screen), XMS-manager
Coder's knowledge Base  CKB sources DOS+Win 
Clipboard for Win conn.,  txt! zip (mirror 23kB) from SimTelFTP
Boyer-Moore search algorithm  |   SEtech Scott Earnest
Bean's XMSarray unit and Testprogram (beautiful source) 
Horizon 7 Ofek Birnholtz, Many TP 7 programs.
Jim Konios, Win and TV sources, TPW, TP7, Delphi 
A. Jakobsche maintaining dynamic lists and other units 
DataFile unit(add and delete records) basic databaserecord handling in TP
The Programmer's page (Pascal: TMT, TP, TPW) Peter Pappas (URL updated)
Some source examples on the TMT site
Andreas Killer Formatter (ASM and Disks!), FileFinder, LFN ...
Mojmir Nebel's DOS-chat source   NEW (Oct.1999) 
Schoeneck K. Howell various sources sound, mouse, DBase, Xbase
Textfiles unit
Homepage of Günther Klaming
Steffen Binas, mainly Graphics. ESD to include files in .EXE etc.
Turbo Pascal Lex/Yacc parsing (Uni Joh.Gutenberg Mainz)
Turbo Pascal Units  R.E.Donais (TP4..TP 7)
Dr.J.R.Stockton, useful and instructive programs: math, calendar, directory...  CRT/RTE200
Liedlgruber's programming corner (AT), games and utilities
Roel Bosman, (NL) PA0HG (radio amateur) var. sources
Xtentic Pascal sources
Roel Bosman, sources
Tom's Pascalpage (de), many sourcecodes, URL2 | TP, FAQ, downloads 
Alexei Frounze, ru, sources
TP6: !
BP7: !
TP6: ! , by Jim LeMay. 
Pascal Formater Christian Gaal, a Windows utility
Indextechnical articles, English and German
Soundblaster Object, unit source 
! Units to play different sound formats on SB (172kB)
! CMF Player for Adlib (16kB)
Adlib page 
Soundblaster material 
Generate sound with Fourier 
A MIDI unit
Some demo code
Ethan Brodsky's Homepage (sound!  .. links), SMIX library for Pascal Protected-mode 
Another MIDI unit
Pedt Scragg's WAV player (source and other)
WAV file playing by "Turbo" (Fazek, Hu)
Stefan Göhler's soundlib, modplayer dll (sel. SourceCode)
MPEG 3 site (German) Fraunhofer
Stephan Weinberger's ! MusicMaker (.ZIP 168kB)  incl. source, help(German) etc. (BP 7) AudioPlayers  various downloads
WAV MIDVOC file format
MIDI basic info, not Pascal: Harmony Central
ActiveMovie MPEG MediaMatics
Ansgar Scherp, Oldenburg, midi: MIDASFTP incl. source 
MP3 www.layer3org (non Pascal) (non Pascal)
Bliss Delphi Audio Components download 
Sound Master v1.0 by Ziggy : SoundBlaster Lib, ! (20kB). FTP  also Delphi
Paul Toth, AdlibFM unit, beta MidiPlayer
Tomaz Gregorec  ! MIDI.ZIP (11kB)  [mirror no maint]
How to detect if soundcard is installed
MPEG3 Delphi 2,3
NightMare's ! soundlib (130kB)
Do Re Mi Fa --> Hz for Sound(nnn)

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